Sony's Developer Muscle

For quite a while now Nintendo has survived almost entirely on the strength of its talented first party developers, through the rough times they kept the company afloat with technically brilliant and creatively rich titles that truly made Nintendo gamers feel their console was a worthwhile investment. When the original PlayStation debuted, Sony's approach was a little different, they courted just about everyone to make games for the system, and over the years Sony picked a number of those who had developed standout titles and provided partial funding for their studios and titles, eventually snapping them up as first party developers. Fast forward to present day and Sony's amassed quite a wealth of developer talent. Let's have a look at just a few of these talented folks and what they're cooking up for Sony's new super machine.

TheMART6293d ago

So you always directly vote cool on your own lame 'news'? Great news, very on the edge. Very hot also:

original post: Posted Jun 23, 2006 at 01:36PM

And then the names in the original article. Well urm. Great.

Names like:


Say 10 times more then that line up. Really. This is no news, it's fanboy post with little to no value

specialguest6293d ago (Edited 6293d ago )

The Mart, you shouldn't be commenting on what's news worthy. The only PS3 news worthy thing for you is bad news. I think everyone on this site knows how anti-Sony you are. You should give it a rest sometimes, especially at your adult age. Teenagers and younger have an excuse to act this way because they're immature.

EnforcerOfTheTruth6293d ago

First of all Epic developes also for the PS3, even better, as of now they bring their main title PS3/PC only ;-)
Rare? Lionhead? LOL which great games did they deliver in the last few years? Black and White? Perfect Dark? ROFLMFAO

BTW in the article they didn't mention Sony's own studios that deliver great, innovative games like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus.

zypher6293d ago

couldn't have said it better specialguest and XbugTerminator. if TheMart were smart he would've replaced Epic with Bungie, giving Microsoft a whopping THREE (apparent scarcasm) first-party developers that makes any worth-while games (though i haven't seen much that Rare's done that's worth-while). fanboys SERIOUSLY need to chill. they are the ones who make gaming sickeningly unattractive.

TheMART6293d ago

Well I guess you all don't know the facts right.

Epic will be the first nr. 1 supplier for 360 with


and in a couple of years Gears of War 2. Killzone nowhere to be seen again.

Viva Piniata will be a great family hit and innovative by Rare

And Lionhead xbugsperminator had made Fable and will make the great Fable 2 now.

There you go guys

Gears of War
Fable 2
Viva Piniata

Great games PS64 won't have. Furthermore, Bungie, well Halo I even didn't mention because that's old news. I just gave you three of the most recently ones. But I guess you like old news like this article

ASTAROTH6293d ago

U r pathetic man. JAJAJAJA. Besides Halo, there is nothing as atractive in Microsoft first party development. VIVA PINATA jajaja Come on dude you are awesome. jajajaj. Fable 2 ok, but the first wasnt that amazing and it copies the graphic style of ICO so this makes sense to you. JAJAJA. GOw is the only thing ineresting in your list.No matter how hard you try GOW rulesssssss!!!! My PS2 that is. Talking about GOD OF WAR. A game that I believe you havent played. JAJAJAJA you are the BEST KMART

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Jay da 2KBalla6293d ago

UT2007 is being developed for the 360.

zypher6293d ago

for the record UT2007 hasn't be announced for the 360 (thats a rumor 360 fans have cooked up, unlike with Assassins Creed, which SEEMS PROBABLE). and anyway, TheMart listed Epic as if implying that they were a first-party developer for Microsoft, which isn't true since their most lauded title ever (UT2007) has been announced for ONLY the PS3 and PC.

andy capps6293d ago

To jay da xbox baller - Confirmed source please?

TheMART6293d ago

Zypher, I mentioned Epic again, for the best new game, awarded with the most awards on last E3 of 2006

Gears of War

And that game won't come to PSZero. Ever. Expect after the huge succes of that Epic being bought entirely by MS to gain all control. And there goes UT and future games only to xbox



it is difficult, slow and expensive to develop for PS3, and all developers have to supply their own servers if they want online multiplayer.

This doesn't make developers flock to the PS3.

andy capps6293d ago

Most reviews that I've seen have said that the devs were surprised at how fast they could get their engine and game up and running on the PS3 kits. Please provide a source stating that PS3 development is more expensive, slower, and difficult. You're as bad as theMART, jumping in every thread and posting the same things over and over.

BTW, great article. Nice to think of all the AAA games that are in the works for the PS3.

EVER OLVERA6293d ago

"Most reviews that I've seen have said that the devs were surprised at how fast they could get their engine and game up and running on the PS3 kits."
Please provide actual evidence(biased developers)-thank you.

andy capps6293d ago

The quote that I was referring to was specifically referring to a quote by one of the Killzone devs on the Guerrilla boards, which are blocked for me at work. If you search for it, it's easily found. Another example I believe, was from a video (of the producer?) of Unreal Tournament from last E3 when Epic was able to bring it over very quickly from PC to PS3. Most of my internet access is blocked at work, but this is what I could find on Deano from Ninja Theory's blog:

"I can’t exactly describe what I’ve been doing, but its extremely low level, what good console programming is all about. So thats what I’ve been doing, munging some data into formats that the different bits of the system can consume and then writing lots of code to manipulate it all as fast as possible. This is where the Cell architecture really starts to pay off, the SPUs are very powerful when programmed at a low level, with an MFC to move data and a decent integer ISA (as well as the float unit that everybody goes on about) they can do this kind of thing with ease. And because they are completely indepedent, you can use them to really leave the PU to other stuff."

"For the record, I quite enjoy developing on the PS3 and would love to see what a small indie team could do with her. As a lead, I don’t get much time programming but I actually use PS3 development as relaxation. Even been known to come in at the weekend and ‘play’ with her."

That's what I could remember off the top of my head...

EVER OLVERA6293d ago

Actually, Epic is a first-party developer for MS. Epic is currently devided into three-thirds. One third is working on Gears of War, the other on UT2007, and the last third on the Unreal Engine itself. Currently, Epic and MS are in a contract for Gears of War. MS has publishing rights on the game and is financially responsible for the development of the game. Midway Games is publishing UT2007 for the PC and PS3. Midway is known to be a multi-console publisher. So I have no doubt that UT2007 will ONLY be a timed exclusive for the PS3. And for the record rumor has it that a secret development team within Rare is working on a title that has been in development for two years. Here's wishing for Killer Instinct 3...

TheMART6293d ago

Quake Wars on 360

Watch the developer himself talk about PC and 360