Sony Sets Its Plans In Motion

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"More news, straight from Tokyo! According to Kaz Hirai, Sony is looking to add "light vibration feedback" to the PS3 Motion Controller, which is set to hit stores shelves Spring 2010. Presumably, the rumble won't be as strong as the DualShock 3, but it should definitely increase the atmosphere and playing experience."

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Sev4022d ago

I wonder what Sony has in store for these motion controllers. Can they really attempt to compete with the Wii?

cmrbe4022d ago

what is the time for their actual conference?.

As for the motion controller. I think it depends on how they market it. The advantage they have is that they have the studios to back it. Its more advance than the wii although similar to the wii so those that might want to upgrade to HD might pick it up. Also the PS3 is not that expensive anymore.

I think the curcial issue is weather they will include it standard with the PS3 or not. If not it might not get that much support from 3rd parties which is still important for Sony's motion controller success.

Lifewish4022d ago

i wonder how current games will work with motion if they do

Ravage274022d ago

rumble would be nice,it will provide some feedback to the user e.g. when your sword hits the enemy's armour :)