OXCGN's Forza 3 News Update: TGS News, Track and Car Info

Fujimi Kaido Track Returns to Forza Motorsport 3

Forza 3 lovers will be delighted to know one more of their favourite tracks is returning come October 23rd – 27th when the game is released.

It's a tight, hard track, but one well worth putting in the effort to master. Plus Honda lovers will be delighted to see the Handa S2000 back onboard for them to go crazy over with liveries, customization, paint and all manner of do-dads.

*Pics and Full Details*

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XboxOZ3604876d ago

If SOny wants Grand Tourismo 5 to bee noticed outside the normal fan base, then this is the sort of promotional stuff they need to do.

Not saying which is best game either way, just that it is something SOny does NOT do, which it should, is promote it's major titles, or any title for that matter.

Youcan not take anything away from MS's support of their developers, they make sure they are supported with PR to the greatest degree possible.

And yes, the game is looking awesome, the demo is release 24th PST, so many will finally see what the big hoo-haaa is about.

REALgamer4876d ago

Microsoft do excel in promoting their titles and getting high public awareness of the games.

Whether they play games or not, everyone knows Halo and Gears of War. Yet, despite also being massively popular not many people outside of existing gamers knows Uncharted or God of War. Both of them are fantastic games so Sony needs to build brand awareness a lot more.

XboxOZ3604876d ago

They still have this arrogance about them that because it is Sony, everyone should know and they do not have to advertise about it . . which is so wrong.

It's one of the major reasons several high ranking ppl have left Sony, especially westerners who know this way of doing things, whereas the Japanese way is no longer a viable approach in todays consumer savvy market place.

Godem4876d ago

cant wait for the demo tongiht!

Immortal Kaim4876d ago

What time will the demo be released?

XboxOZ3604875d ago

Probably around our 11pm mate . .

I'm looking forward to roaring around the coastal regions in Europe and other areas that are now in Forza 3 . . . That's one thing I like about GT5 - that's the regions they can take the cars. It's great to see Turn 10 taking a leaf from their pages and doing something similar, yet still different . . .

That is how games (all games on all platforms) progress over time.

We'll have a Demo Impressions up after some of the team have had a play of the demo, I don't expect it to be a long demo mind you, but just enough to give punters a taste of what to expect.

darkmurder4875d ago

Demo tonight will be so cool