Halo 3 Confirmed for September 25

Gameplayer has received confirmation from Microsoft that Halo 3 will be launched on September 25, 2007.

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Robotz Rule4175d ago

Halo 3.....You're mine come Sep.25!

Hellz yeah!

MoonDust4175d ago

that is early. I wonder what the story behind it is.

SlappingOysters4174d ago

Trying to get ahead of GTA and Star Wars: unleashed maybe? They better hope they get good news back on this Beta, or they will have to move the thing back again 8-)

MoonDust4174d ago

They don't have to worry about the comp.

LoydX-mas4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

1) release way before holidays so fanboys punch each other out while waiting in line
2) let the news media get interested and start running stories about this "Halo 3 thing" which they don't understand anyway (saves MS advertising costs)
3) start using the 65nm chips (saves MS production costs)

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The story is too old to be commented.