Sony's TGS Keynote Liveblog- Kotaku

Sony's Kaz Hirai is presenting the keynote address at this year's Tokyo Game Show, so expect plenty of PlayStation-related news. We're there, pencils and notebooks in hand. Why not join us?

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morganfell3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

No thanks Kotaku. You will lie about 3/4 of what Sony says.

Better source:

Joystiq is run by a former MS employee and they are better than kotaku:

infamous_273405d ago

I find Kotaku to be the most entertain even if they occasionally pick my the Ps3.

infamous_273405d ago

N4G won't let me edit...

What I meant to say in Kotaku is very entertaining. They may pick on the PS3 a lot, but at least they do it with class :P

morganfell3405d ago

You obviously need this:

Class. Informal. Elegance, grace, or dignity, as in dress and behavior.

Ever read a Sony article there? They hardly possess any of the listed qualities.

The Great Melon3405d ago

lol, this is a little late by a few hours. Would have been a little more helpful before the keynote happened.

TOO PAWNED3405d ago

it's not like people missed anything

CaptainMarvelQ83405d ago

ok since the keynote and the convention ended
we still dont get to know about the two secret titles?

koehler833405d ago

Anyone else think Stephen Totilo is a whiny fanboy?

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