'300' to Conquer Blu-ray, HD DVD This July

Warner will bow both a Blu-ray and HD DVD version of the spectacle on July 31, each boasting impressive tech specs and copious bonus features.

Retail will be $39.95 for the HD DVD combo, and $34.95 for the Blu-ray.

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Robotz Rule4477d ago


I can't wait for 300 to grace my PS3 and HD TV!

300 is one of the best movies to date.

ITR4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Thats because it's a hybrid disc.
It has HD-DVD ver on one side and the std DVD on the otherside.

It's for those not ready for me and many others.

In the long run Amazon will end up selling them for the same price anyway.

masterg4476d ago


Who in their right mind with buy a HD-DVD/DVD if they don't have HD-DVD
By they time they're ready to buy HD the HD-DVD would be history.

WilliamRLBaker4476d ago

would agree with this guy, i couldn't even understand him...his tale is one of spelling errors are crappy grammar.

drtysouf214477d ago

look OUTSTANDING on my 65in 1080p Dlp TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait!

gta_cb4476d ago

that must have set you back

NextGen24Gamer4477d ago

Are always 5 dollars more than the Blu ray discs....The reason for that is you get the HD version and the standard version that can be played in your standard dvd drives.

1. For people like me its great. I can watch it in the living room on my HD tv...then if my son and his friends want to watch it...He can take it to his room and watch it on his standard dvd drive. As most people still have dvd players in their homes.

2. Then you have the people who eventually will invest in a HD dvd they buy the combo so they can watch it on their standard dvd player until they save enough money to get a hd dvd player. SO this way they have both versions for only 5 dollars more.

Its something unique to HD dvd and works perfectly for consumers with different needs.

I absolutely loved this movie at the theatre....and I can't wait for it to be released on HD dvd.

WilliamRLBaker4477d ago

I love the fact hd dvd discs are pretty much all ways combos atleast from what i've seen, Means i dont gotta pick and choose, i dont even own the hd dvd addon for the 360 or an hd dvd player, and i dont use my ps3 as a blu ray player cause my tv dont support 1080p any ways.

As for that I hated 300 it was silly and stupid, and while i know it was based upon a graphic novel which was based upon a mythos, they could have atleast been a lil more realistic.... and it had bad continuity problems.

hellraiser5014477d ago

hey i got a question.
what time does the halo 3 beta start if you have crackdown? is it 12:00 on the dot?

nice_cuppa4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

over 8 hours to go !

lol somebody disagrees with your question !

how sad !

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The story is too old to be commented.