Truth Behind PS3 vs Xbox 360 in [email protected]

Rob Zwetsloot, one of PSU's regular journalists, discusses the latest trash talk between the Microsoft and Sony camps

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NoUseMerc4201d ago

The article points our truthful facts and I am afraid Xbots are going to jump all other it and disagree in their own ways.

But to say this article is false because its written by a Playstation site is stupid.

The facts are true and Xbox fans just cant let it go that the PS3 is more powerful both in CPU and GPU.

And yes, I said GPU. The PS3 does twice as many shader operations as the XBox 360 and with both the Cell and RSX its way more powerful. If you program the Cell to run graphics and then use the RSX as a buffer you get graphics that will clean the clock off any XBox 360 title.

SlippyMadFrog4201d ago

Any source references to your statements? :/

nix4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

.. i posted the same thing last time and it was pulled off after it came out in the main page! i wonder what admin will do this time...? carry on! until then..

techie4201d ago

Mercs to be honest there is sprinklings of truth in there...but it is also not quite accurate, and without providing sources its claims may well not be heard.

gunnar29064200d ago

Sorry my bad english

The author is or completely amateur either forgot very many facts considering ps3
He forgot that a ps3 has plus didicated 256 RAM BUS memory working at 3.2 Ghz, that 4.5 times more faster then the memory chip installed at XBox360. X60 's 512 DDR 3 is shared and works only at 700 Mhz. That means that PS3 intercore data flow and common purposes tasks are extremely fast.
Не forgot about pixel shaders pipelines at RSX that work twice faster then Xenos. He misunderstands the principles of antialiasing tying pixel output with vertex rendering and makes absolutely wrong decisions about antialiasing. Even more - he says that Xenos is R600 based that is not a fact but a complete rumor. Xenos is just a overclocked X1950XT (or even unsuccessful X1800) according to released data spec by Microsoft. Anyway if ATI had a prototype of R600 at the moment of X360 release (oct 2005) it would never let NVidia take the first place with its 8600 GTX chipset at the end of 2006.
I own both consoles and they connected to one HD TV set and comparing the same game ports on both consoles I may say that X360 graphics is not as good as on Ps3. It is much more "antialiased" I mean unsharp and has much less background details.

gta_cb4200d ago

i thought this had already been put up in an old article?...

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Satanas4201d ago

with some bias, but rounds off a lot more near the end.

ErcsYou4201d ago

i could have swore this was old news. i think i read this on sunday.

Satanas4201d ago

You probably did actually -- May 13th article. Maybe it was a tip then?

Lex Luthor4201d ago

man the ps3 is one ugly console

weekapaugh4201d ago

yeah, the dingy white one with a power brick the size of Texas is just so aesthetically pleasing.

Azurite4201d ago

Once again XDR has been overlooked...

techie4200d ago

high speed memory used by the cell. 256mb XDR memory, and then the other 256mb memory. The RSX can also share the XDR memory.

There's a few inaccuracies in the article...and it doesn't half go off topic.

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The story is too old to be commented.