Why you shouldn't get your video game news from The Wall Street Journal

Joystiq wrote: "When you want the very latest on old guys, money and old guys' money, you turn to The Wall Street Journal. When you want news about video games, you could probably do better, as evidenced by this quote from a Dow Jones Newswire piece the publication ran today about that THQ takeover speculation.."

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pixelsword4292d ago

They are just a horrible as any gaming site or gaming magazine of notable stature.

Their game reviews probably would be just as accurate and consistent as well.

Looking at flame-baiting articles and reviews just to get hits isn't any more tasteful, knowwhutImeanvern?

UltimateIdiot9114292d ago

No no, it wasn't a game review, it's what they define IP as in the article. THQ owns a large amount of "Internet Protocol."

pixelsword4292d ago

When I said "Their game reviews PROBABLY WOULD BE just as accurate and consistent as well" that means that IF they gave a review it would be as horrible as their article.

patterson4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Regardless of the IP mistake, they are no better than professional game sites who give crap inflated review scores.

Their opinions have as much value at that point. *agrees with pixelsword*