Your Xbox 360 Deserves an External USB Hard Drive

Last week Jacob from SeattlePI was thinking about why would someone with an 20-Gig hard drive on their Xbox 360 want to spend a hundred and eighty bucks on one of the new larger Xbox 120 Gig hard drives. Sure you can download every game demo, Xbox Live Arcade Game, get some TV shows off Xbox Live but the high definition movie rentals take forever to download and you can only watch them for one day before they disintegrate in a cloud of DRM smoke. He could see considering getting an Xbox 360 Elite if he didn't already have an Xbox 360.

Jump to see his suggestion about storage on Xbox 360.

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Satanas4201d ago

One of my friends has an external hard drive (can be formatted in FAT32 or NTFS if needed). I was just wondering if anyone here has a working external HDD with their 360. Also, if anyone has one working with the PS3 then I might consider getting one for it.


SmokeyMcBear4201d ago

yup, just to let you know satanas.. thats pretty much the reason i got a next gen console, is to have it be my media hub. I have a 500 gb, external hard drive, its a seagate, nice black color to match the ps3. You do have to format it to fat32, so your files have to be smaller than 4GB. I formatted with a friends mac, but theres a program on called swissknife, that is on windows that will format it. XP can't do it, and partition magic will only do a 200 gb paritition. I ripped my dvd's using dvd decrypter, and converted them with red kawa's ps3 video 9. All my personal DVD's (around 50) are now locaded on my external,and available at the touch of a button. The encoded movies end up being around 3 gigs. Have my music on there, as well as my photo albums. Leaves my ps3's hard drive specifically for games. The only thing that i don't like about it, i wish there was a usb port on the back of the machine. It doesnt look too flattering with the ports in the front, but oh well.

Eldon34201d ago

Ive just about filled my 60gigs on my ps3. I have a 300gig external hdd because the 80gigs on my laptop just doesn't cut it. So I hook the external drive to my ps3.. and nothing happens(formatted in NTFS). So I make a 120gig partition thats FAT32, and presto! (180gigs total space for ps3) Then all that was left was to convert all my movies to MP4 and move them to the new partition for my viewing pleasure, yay! Try doing that with a Xbox360!

Bathyj4201d ago

I'm going to do exactly what you have done. A shiney black seagate (got my eye on one on ebay), but one question. How do you convert you DVDs. I have the same programs but it seemed to be taking along time. Also they're all separate VOB files so do they come out as one file once converted. Can you strip out the extras. Thats more than one question isn't it?

Anyway little help, Thanks in advance. I cant give you another bubble till it resets again.

DirtyRat4201d ago

This all sounds like rather a lot of hassle, and me being a lazy SOAB unless someone writes a handy guide or something, I dont think I'll bother.

power of Green 4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

I'm sure the guy has a PC/HDD he can use for unlimited space with his 360 for Movies that most DDL servies only allow for 24 hours rentals anyways. He'll need it(120 gig HDD or PC HDD) if he lives a DDL type of life style with all the unforseen HD content MS's going to offer with unknown upgrades and IPTV etc. People already have hundreds of gigs of space to use with their 360's.

MS's even hints at the 120 gig HDD for greater use than games in the 120 gig adds on XBL. Its main use will be the DVR/Tivo features for IPTV. And in sure XBL acade games will get more complex etc. etc. Not even something to complain about buy what you want or dont buy it, simple.

Elginer4201d ago

bother with any of this jazz. I have a Windows Media Center PC and it's as easy as pie. Just put it on the same network, Windows detects you have an Xbox 360 and asks if you want to connect it and BAM! It does it and it just works. I have 2, 250 gig harddrives on my PC. One is for media and the other for PC/GAMES stuff. Works beautifully and I can even play divx/xvid files on my 360 with transcode 360. Sure it's all streaming but it does it so fast you would never know.

nstott4200d ago

Media center is awesome. It's the most elegant solution out there. They have a bunch of plugins designed for getting rss feeds, surfing the web, checking the weather, home automation, viewing internet videos, several web sites have customized 10 foot interfaces just for media center. Media center even gives you caller ID on your tv, so you don't have to find the phone. You can even route your phone calls to it. There's a program that's called one voice that let's you do home automation and voice recognition through your 360 or other media extenders.

dominusbellum4200d ago

thank you i hope everyone reads your comment everyone has been freakin out since the new update won't play divx or avi files even though i have been playing them since like forever using transcode 360 as well so easy to use and it goes by in like a second

JasonPC360PS3Wii4200d ago

I been doing this for a while now.

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