House of the Dead 4 Special reaches arcades

Latest installment in Sega's zombie shooter series gets an upgrade in Japan with an enclosed playing area, new features.

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WarCraft Rumble Review - Hardcore Droid

Blizzard has finally joined the mobile battlefield with their new title WarCraft Rumble. Fast paced squad combat awaits players in Azeroth.

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Duke Nukem Collection 1 Arrives

This is great and if we can only get a new game it would be greater news. Duke Nukem is BACK! And he's found a new home on Evercade!

darthv723d ago

My copies should be arriving tomorrow. And then in a couple weeks, i am taking them to a gamers expo where Jon St John will be there. i'm going to have him sign them in some 'Duke' quote or what not. It's going to be cool.

Garethvk3d ago

That is great news. Truly a great moment and something to cherish.


Sega Brings Back Legendary Virtua Fighter 3tb to Arcades with Virtua Fighter 3tb Online

Today, at the Amusement Expo in Tokyo Big Sight, Sega announced the return to arcades of Virtua Fighter 3tb with Virtua Fighter 3tb Online.

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SimpleSlave5d ago

First time I saw this game in the Arcades my mind melted. The Snow stage, the Skyscraper Construction stage, the Island stage, the uneven terrain, this thing was so ahead of it's time. Not even the mighty Dreamcast could contain and do this thing justice.

Now, if Microsawft can kindly step the fudge off the Console market, then we'll finally get a perfect port of this game on the mighty Dreamcast 2 for sure.

It's Thinking...Again!

Rynxie5d ago

Unfortunately, Sega will never return to hardware. It would have to pull it's games from other consoles, and make them exclusives to Sega's console again. Which would piss of gamers and could lead to them boycotting any new Sega console. If anything, Ms needs to exit the video game industry and let another manufacturer step in.

SimpleSlave4d ago

I'll never understand why people take my tongue in cheek comments so seriously. I think we all know Sega is past their expiration date and we also know that Microsawft much rather buy the entire game industry than walk away.

...NAH! I'm messing with you. I super serial. Once Microsawft is forced to go Third Party after buying Nintendo, Sega will finally allow the Dreamcast 2 to start Thinking! For sure, one hundred percent. #NOCAP

Let's go Bay Bay!!!

walken75d ago

Virtua Fighter Ultimate Showdown on PC please.

Zenzuu4d ago

It would be even better if Sega actually released a new entry to Virtual Flighter. The last time we get an actual proper sequel was VF5 which was released back in 2006....