Final Fantasy XIII--2007 Square Enix Party Trailer Impressions

Square Enix gives us a taste of Lightning in the newest trailer for its upcoming action RPG.

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wildcat4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

need vids

Observer4173d ago

.. isn't quite known for bluffing in trailers *cough* Killzone *cough*.

But, the chances are that the ingame stuff featuring Lightning kicking the shiznit out of the stormtroopers w/ hud and everything are preset animations (think spells and summons in FF7/FF8), and not actual interactive gameplay.

Anyway, this formula of sweet-innocent-looking-chick-w ho-can-kill-anything-embarked-o n-a-mission-to-save/destroy-the world is getting kind of boring. Whatever happened to the "darkness" of FF7 ? Whatever happened to bad-ass-though-slightly-emo kids like Cloud, foul-mouthed gunners like Barrett, etc. ? Whatever happened to creativity ? I can't believe the very series who produced characters like RedXIII is staggering in the creativity sector in character design ! Not that i'm slamming the game before it's released, but so far i didn't like both announced characters. Could be just me ...

I hope other male characters would fit more into Auron/Sephiroth's profile, rather than a pale Kurt Cobain imitation ! (if u've seen the pics of the blond dude, you'd know what i'm talking about)

the_bebop4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

It sounds like you will really like Final Fantasy VS XIII, this is probably more your style. You should check this out.

Observer4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

.. since the dude in charge of Versus XIII is noone but the conciever of Sephi and Cloud.

Let's just hope it wont be another Dirge of Cerebrus.

*crosses fingers and refuses to hype both upcoming FFXIII games until at least more gameplay footage is provided*

Bebedora4173d ago

Observer - I am just like you. SE has to proof once again to me, why the FF serie is the best JRPG there is. And that interview with Tetsuya Nomura(name?) about vs XIII was good to read. It will be that more darker atmosphere and the culprit for me is his vision for the action elements. Sounds more of DoC than anything else.

the_bebop4173d ago

That might be true Observer, however Tetsuya Nomura has been able to so far do great with the Kingdom Hearts series so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

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