Ten Reasons Why Haters Shouldn't Dismiss the Wii

Gameplayer has taken a fresh look at the future of the Wii following a launch window that was filled with poorly implemented ports and the no shows of some major Nintendo brands. They have detailed ten reasons why the console is still a good chance of coming out of this generation on top.

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Robotz Rule4484d ago

I'm simply too old to play the Wii.

And I already own a Playstation 3 and a Xbox 360.

ITR4484d ago

No your not. Get over your self.

I like pretty graphics..but when the gameplay is bad and the control is bad..then it's worthless.

VR5 is pretty but man oh man is the AI weak....I could button mash my way through that entire game on the first try. The only game I like on the PS3 now is F1 and it could even be harder.

GamingFun4484d ago

That's a bold statement to make seeing that the Wii is meant to be played by people ages 1-100. So I guess if your 101 your too old for the Wii. Though I don't think you are... Most likly your just a shallow minded person. Either that or you are a boy who is just turning 14 who feels that they are 14 and a HALF so they should be considered an adult

gta_cb4484d ago

never to old to have some fun ;)

jwatt4484d ago

My friends uncle brought his wii over my house and we played wii sports and I have to say it was fun but I am still getting my ps3.

Satanas4484d ago

Zelda is pretty fun. The fishing/reel-in thing is pretty cool, as is some of the other motion control. I wouldn't buy one, but I'll play one.

ITR4484d ago

Thats how I feel about my friends PS3 now.
I beat every game he has rather their isn't a challenge anymore.

Fishing in Zelda is like a game in it's self.
You have to go to that cabin to play that tilt game...everytime you win you get a new bait.
You have to win like 6-8(can't remember) times to get the good bait hook.

Once you got it you have to watch the seasons...they change from time to time.
When the lily pads are out you can catch the biggest fish in the lake with that hook.

I once worked all day to just get that one fish.

I can spend hrs fishing in Zelda.
They should make a Zelda fishing game!

snoop_dizzle4484d ago

I like graphics and stuff, but thats why i have a 360 and will have a PS3.

I just want some simple fun as well. Though there has bee na game drought recently.

but, its also good for parties, and for getting girls into video games.

power of Green 4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I use to think it was a gimmick at best but i now realize its here to stay with its appeal to casual/niche/standard gamers mix. Niche and casual gamers will keep the Wii afloat, thats a huge resource. Its an border line Wacky Japanese do-dad that never makes it to the states [slash] innovative change of pace thats Just acceptable for the western habbits of loving new ideas that actually benefit people in more ways than one(family, Health, social tool); just pushing the Most futuristic gizzmo's as possible as the Japanese do as a cultural habbit isn't enough( you should see some of the things my woman bring Back from Japan, Vibrating Optical Mouse, The Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks, Ear Wax Camera/Cleaner ) anybody want some Futuristic do-dads?.

#6 Not ME!, never! but i'm sure many will love the fact its easy and simple and social. I would of loved Zelda to be like Zelda with Elveon visuals though.

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The story is too old to be commented.