Microsoft Expects Rare Acquisition to Pay Off by 2012

In the years prior to 2002, Rareware was an industry powerhouse. The development studio virtually carried Nintendo through the N64 era, providing critically acclaimed titles such as Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 and Golden Eye 007. In the years following Microsoft's acquisition of the company, however, the company has produced only a mere handful of titles, many of which had a general reception as lukewarm at best.

Microsoft's Shane Kim spoke with Shacknews recently on where Microsoft's current expectations for the company stand.

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ericbs4485d ago

Games by them are new franchises such as Viva Pinata so it will be a while before people start to play their games.

Robotz Rule4485d ago

Rare has gone to the dogs,but I would love to see a new Conker on the Xbox 360:)

PhinneousD4485d ago

the xbox version of 'bad fur day' holds up sooo well with the 360 bc update in 720p. there are some levels that are still mind blowing. you should pick up a cheap used copy of this game for like 15 bucks. there are still people playing the death matches on live and it is still fun.

what they SHOULD do is make a sequel of this franchise for the 360.

PhinneousD4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

rare games are great. viva pinata, even though to y'all might think it seems childish, it's actually quite deep in game play and fun. rare has always been about fun and a good amount of polish in their games, they have all my respect. they don't half ass games like some publishers... *ahmmm, ea* no knockin' if you haven't tried it is all i'm saying.

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