VA-Tech Flash Game Creator Created Project "For Fun"

Exclusive interview with creator of VA-Tech simulation reveals motives behind his decision to create a game based on the recent Virginia Tech tragedy.

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Robotz Rule4483d ago

Quite strange don't you say?

HokieFan4482d ago

I think "sad" or "pathetic" are better words to describe this guy...but yes, strange as well.

I feel for people like him, clearly his parents didn't hug him enough or something. This game was obviously created because he desperately craves attention, and people let it work. Why can't we just ignore him? Why does he get an interview? That's just the kind of attention he wanted. Since he got what he wanted, now he'll just keep offending people.

Keyser4482d ago

This is not cool at all. Video games already get accused of causing horrendous acts like VT and this idiot goes out and makes a game about it!?!?!

Is he trying to gain some enjoyment by playing through it? There's no fun in that. This was real life, not some stupid game. I hope the feds are on their way to his house right

Excalibur4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Why would anyone support this kind of sick $#!t?
I bet jack Thompson is having a field day with this one.
Nothing about any of this is fun or funny.
The gaming community really needs to rally AGAINST this kind of sick garbage.
This PiGPEN idiot should be watched closely because he/she has all kinds of issues.

XerockX4482d ago

You can tell by reading this guy's comments-this guy has some issues. Don't give him a gun license.And he's only using 56k and has a lot of free time and this is what he does with it?Funny how he refers to anyone with compassion as a drama whore. Apparently this guy has no feelings-like some capable of doing something crazy .