Panasonic Committed Blu-ray's Success - Releases Second-Gen Bluray Player

Panasonic Reassures their support for Bluray's success and releases $599 Second-Gen Blu-ray Player; Bundles Five Flicks

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TriggerHappy4201d ago

They are behind blu-ray success one hundred percent/

ITR4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

I like the idea of free flicks.

The local store here already does bundles for Blu and HD-DVD players here.

Price includes your choice of 5 HD movies.

Now I want a price without any movies! Maybe $399?

Maddens Raiders4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

t o p g a m e r, where are you? Probably working hard on some spiffy new Ninty titles I'm sure.

Good night HD-"DVD"

GuCCi5124201d ago

its the same price as a ps3. so why not buy one of those when u can enjoy blu-ray movies and games and alot of other things...

techie4201d ago

Ltn. That title is hella lame!

TriggerHappy4201d ago

how should it be the doc ? and man aint u supposed to be studying ?

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