Starcraft 2 confirmed?

The official story: It's no secret that this weekend, Blizzard Entertainment will reveal a new game. Last month, the developer-publisher took a break from counting its massive World of Warcraft revenue to reveal it would be making a major announcement at the forthcoming Blizzard World Wide Invitational (WWI) event in Seoul, South Korea.

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TrenchaunT4263d ago

It's slightly convincing when it points out that, and are not owned by Blizzard, but not too convincing to say that doesn't just redirect to -- because it does. It's the exact same thing, and when you click it goes the exact same place. It could just be that they have it set to mirror and didn't change that at all for this announcement. only differed from a long time ago, when it redirected to the Starcraft: Ghost site.

iceice1234263d ago

Is also not owned by Blizzard either =/ I am really hoping for Diablo 3, SC2 would be great and all but I prefer Diablo.

AuburnTiger4263d ago

How they gonna say Starcraft confirmed, but then it has a question mark at the end.