Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End demo video

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is now playable on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, thank's to Disney Interactive who released a quite long demo earlier today, showcasing the tutorial of the game for about half an hour of gameplay.

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sak5004484d ago

Played the demo, its fun better than Shrek the third.

Rockstar4484d ago

A.I. looks terrible.
1 attacks you and the others wait while you kill him.

Although this is the tutorial so i guess they wouldn't want to make it terribly hard.

Looks like a definite rental and a possible own.

dachiefsman4484d ago

whack....whack....okay turn your back...whack...."DEAD&quo t;

Buying this did not even cross my mind even before watching this video. It is almost exactly how I thought it would look after all most movie franchises do not translate into good video games.

"Well this is just part of the game!" Yea I understand but how much more can they possibly offer....oh wait...5 more whacks before a death!

I kid...I kid

no_more_heroes4484d ago

looks like a watered down version to Elveon's system while the rest of the gameplay looks like some prince of persia rip-off. The graphics actually look pretty damn good for a movie game though(it also comes in 1080p for 360 and ps3 versions). Still looks like some kind of fun so if I get a 360 maybe I'll rent it or something.

gta_cb4483d ago

not a fantastic game but its ok