Overview of Halo 3 Beta

Later tonight, the Xbox Live network for Xbox 360 owners will get a big test of its network capabilities. The reason? The release of the long awaited multiplayer beta version of Halo 3, perhaps the most anticipated Xbox 360 game since Microsoft first announced the console. Yep, Bungie's sci-fi first person shooter is a gold mine for Microsoft. The first two games in the series (released for the original Xbox) have sold millions of copies each (the PC port of the first Halo game didn't do badly either in sales and Halo 2 Vista is due for release next week). Yet putting out a multiplayer beta version of Halo 3 months before its planned fall release is something of a risky venture. Will fans of the first two games embrace it or will the beta disappoint them and as a result cool their interest in buying the full game.

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