The benefits of in-game ads

From the article:
"I really believe there's long-term potential to benefit developers, publishers and consumers alike," reckons Crackdown producer Phil Wilson of the recent trend for brand-imaging (shudder) in gaming. It's a controversial statement, and a controversial topic - primarily because it turns us from being gamers into being, as Wilson says, "consumers."

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Bullseye4484d ago

the idea of advertising in games has created two sides.On one side are those who really don't give a fig about it, on the other side, those like myself, who are vehemently opposed to ad's in games.This is how it works for me.1)If a game uses advertising in an appropriate manner without overdoing it and most of all is completely unobtrusive,then i'm prepared to overlook it and take no particular action. 2) If the games use ad's that become increasingly obtrusive and possibly interfere with my enjoyment,then i'll play the game, but make a special effort NOT to purchase the products advertised.After all, there is no product today that doesn't have an equally good alternative.3)This is the worst case scenario and fortunately hasn't to my knowledge occurred yet.If a game has an unacceptable number of ad's that are obtrusive, then i simply will NOT buy the game.In my opinion just like products, there are always alternative games.Thing is, if we do nothing, then which of the three scenarios above do you think is mostly likely?