Devil May Cry 4 Demo at Sony's Gamer Day and E3

With Sony's Gamer Day coming up this Thursday, PSU contacted Capcom to see if they had anything special planned for the event. They confirmed that there will be a playable demo and new trailers shown at both Sony's Gamer Day and also at E3 later this year.

"I can confirm that a playable demo will be at both Sony's event as well as E3..." stated the PR from Capcom.

So if you plan on attending Sony's Gamer Day or received an invite to E3, you'll get some great hands on time with Devil May Cry 4. Also, this may also be the first time Devil May Cry 4 will be playable on the Xbox 360 so keep a look out!

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lil bush4200d ago

man, i really want that game.....

Clinton5144199d ago

I'd like to hope so. Surprise us please Capcom and Sony.

Robotz Rule4199d ago

I wanna see/hear a little more about Killzone 2 and Eight Days:)

Bonsai12144199d ago

this will be great. hopefully it'll exceed DMC3. so far, i see the "hand" as a gimmick.. hopefully i'm wrong

Maddens Raiders4199d ago

that speaks for itself. Bring it on.