Bullet Witch Gameplay

Cavia finally released a gameplay video of Bullet Witch, and a long one at that with almost 6 minutes of action!

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PS360PCROCKS5801d ago

WOW!! This gameplay is freaking awesome!! I just bought this game for sure...

PS360PCROCKS5801d ago

Nevermind I didn't...its not fuc*ing available, this is sooooooooooooo LAME!! Thanks Microsoft you design a kick ass japan game and we dont get it til later, how does this not apply to the U.S anyways it's totally a run and gun, it's sick

BLACKSTYX5801d ago (Edited 5801d ago )

its coming to the US, just probably going to have to wait. Like with N3 and Enchanted Arms. Their not stupid. Only question is will we have to wait till later this year, or early next year.
Still amazes me how they were able to improve on this game. I saw it a couple of months back, and thought it had potiential. Nvr thought they would actually pull it off doh. Have to tip my hat off to them. Seeing how well they did with this I now have no doubt they will do good with their future 360 titles. Especially Cry On :)

Cyclonus5801d ago

That chick is probably the most powerful game character, EVER!

Calling down tornados and lightning strikes; "force pushing" tracter-trailers like toys....AWESOME.

Funny how people brag about ps3's physics, cuz I've yet to see a ps3 game with anywhere near the amount of physics as are in this game.

PS360PCROCKS5801d ago

I KNOW! Theirs a website I found out and it's called and they test the games to see if they work on american consoles, so if this game does work on an american 360 I am going to buy it even if it is in Japanese, because this boggles my mind, it looks like insanely fuc*ing cool. PS it's my B-day and I have to say it is NICE to go buy a beer at Chipotle finally, lol so if you have chipotle and your 21 anytime soon, get you a burrito and a Corona and damn it's GOOD