Xbox 360 RPG Trusty Bell reaches No. 4 in pre-sales

Namco Bandai's upcoming RPG offering Trusty Bell for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 has reached No. 4 in the best-selling video game products at Amazon Japan.

The new game title ranked at No. 16 one week ago.

Trusty Bell is a brand new RPG title that is slated for release on June 14 in the region.

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Syko4174d ago

I would recommened to any RPG fan with a 360 to download this demo.

Silverwolf4174d ago

but after watching the demo on gametrailers I can see why there's so much interest now.

silent ninja4174d ago

i'am interested in how many copies that is

NextGen24Gamer4174d ago

No longer can people say the xbox brand only good for FPS games. While yes the best FPS games are to be found on the 360....Its now home to JRPG's and many other game types. I think MS has done a masterful job securing a variety of games this time around. I'm so looking foward to this game, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect ,Two Worlds , and Huxely.

ThaGeNeCySt4174d ago

I agree, even though i'm fond of shooters... the maturity as well as diversity in the 360 software lineup is shaping up VERY nicely.

no_more_heroes4174d ago! With 5 that I can remember on the way within a year, its definitely doing better in that department than the xbox.