Microsoft: Halo Universe 'Will Support a lot More'

There have been some seriously mixed signals about the future of the Halo franchise once Halo 3 drops this fall. Apparently, it's the end of Bungie's trilogy that started on the original Xbox, but gamers still anticipating Halo Wars from Ensemble Studios and a spin-off spearheaded by filmmaker Peter Jackson.

Does Halo 3 mean the removal of Bungie from the franchise's lead, or simply the end of Master Chief? The head of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim, doesn't make the situation much clearer in an interview with The Mercury News.

"I think what we have built is an amazing universe with Halo. There are more stories to tell in the Halo universe. We are building a real-time strategy game with Ensemble Studios. That is going to be very successful when you combine their expertise in that genre with the amazing back story of Halo. So I do agree that I think the universe itself will support a lot more. [1UP's emphasis] With respect to this story, Bungie has been very clear. This is the end of the Halo trilogy. Master Chief is here to finish the fight."

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ben hates you4172d ago

halo series end, ph.. thats not going to happen

Drew4172d ago

Uhm... yes it is. The trilogy is over after Halo 3. There may be other titles, but they won't be by Bungie.

Xi4171d ago

they may be done by bungie and they do a different story arch, maybe a different spartan.

gta_cb4171d ago

its like FF, "Final" Fantasy... but how many are there? and how many more?

MySwordIsHeavenly4171d ago

Halo proves that one title can hold a system up...

I hate the game, but it totally kept the original Xbox alive. The 360's so big because MS can afford to pay developers. It has nothing to do with innovation...

Halo is NOT innovative...

and yes, the movie was cancelled.

I was hoping Guillermo Del Toro would say yes to directing, but he turned it down to continue his work on Hellboy 2. Peter Jackson hand-picked him too.

I think the movie went down somewhere between plotline confusion and denzel rumored as playing master chief...but that's just my theory.

I mean, what else does MS have to fall back on? GOW won't stay exclusive throughout its life. We all know it won't...

Xi4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

turn 10(forza)
bungie(they also have games like marathon)
rare(banjo, pd etc)
mistwalker(blue dragon)
fasa studios(mechassault)
realtime worlds
ensemble(halo wars, age of empires)
pgr, splintercell, mass effect, too human, etc
microsoft amassed an arsenal of titles, and developers for the xbox and windows live games.

and I also disagree I thought halo to be very innovative, but hey different tastes for different gamers.

Saint Sony4171d ago

I am pretty sure Gears of War WILL stay exclusive. MS used so much money for it that they won't let it go to other platforms. They even did changes to 360 because of that game, but well.. anything might happen.

Anyhow, talking about innovative... only Wii fits that category.

Maddens Raiders4171d ago

continue without Bungie, just like "The Terminator" is continuing without John Cameron.