NZGamer: Interview with Ian Livingstone

NZGamer writes: "Ian Livingstone, OBE, is the Life President of Eidos interactive, the founder of Games Workshop and the co-author of the Fighting Fantasy game book series. Sam managed to get his ear for an interview at GCA, and saw his keynote address about his career and the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider brand.

I know what you want from me. I know why the name Ian Livingstone, and the name Eidos, inspire such a tingle in your cerebellum. But I have to tell you right here and now readers, that Mr. Ian Livingstone, OBE, gave nothing away. That said - maybe, just maybe - we can read between the lines. What I mean to say is: even if we don't have timing for certain upcoming sequels for certain beloved franchises, that doesn't mean that development isn't already underway, does it? What do you reckon? Study the following exchange."

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