Rumour: Incognito and Sony to split ways after Warhawk

Reminiscent of what is happening with FASA and Microsoft, it appears that Sony is preparing to cut ties with Incog Inc. once Warhawk is completed. Internal sources from Sony, as well as some external sources close to the team, have confirmed that Sony's displeasure with Incog is causing them to part ways.

Sony is reportedly looking to form a new studio with those that choose to continue their relationship with the Japanese-based hardware maker. As for Incog, hopefully they'll find financial backing of some form soon so that they can continue to make quality software. Since these reports are in no way official, no word was given on what would happen with the IPs that Incognito has handled for Sony in the past.

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kingofps34485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Is this for real? Most likely it is from looking at what Incognito started out on Warhawk and what they are now to deliver.

techie4485d ago

This rumour has been around for a very long time. Sony aint happy...was meant to be launch title

TriggerHappy4485d ago

You posted this huh ? beat me by just a few seconds..

Oh well this is still a rumor so it cant be taken seriously.

Violater4485d ago

this cannot shine well on the game sales as people will be worried about continued support, no wonder they went from dedicated servers to P2P.

Robotz Rule4485d ago

Multiplayer is going to be crazier than cotton candy!

I hope Sony doesn't let Incognito go,they've sticked with Sony for a very long time and have produced some great games!

Shadow Flare4485d ago

Sony's and Incognito's bad relationship must be the reason why WarHawk has been so hampered. WarHawk used to be one of the ps3's poster childs at the start, but i guess tensions grew and warhawk got in the mix

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The story is too old to be commented.