Halo 3 Zune unboxing

Gear live was able to get thier hands on one of the Halo 3 Edition Zunes, For those who haven 't heard, Microsoft will be making a special edition Zune available, with both the hardware and software featuring Halo 3-themed elements, to build up hype around the Halo 3 Xbox 360 release.

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Mr Murda4478d ago

Now, I'm going to have to replace my perfectly good Zune and get this one too. This looks awesome.

MS better not release a special edition H3 360, cause I'll be forced to buy one of those too! Being a Halo collector is getting expensive.

Marriot VP4477d ago

send me a personal message or reply if you want to sell me your zune

ben hates you4478d ago

i love my zune and halo but i'll stick to my normal one

Lyberator4478d ago

Ive got a 4th gen ipod and was thinking about getting a new one. How does everyone like their zunes compared to the ipod video?

Mr Murda4478d ago

I LOVE my Zune compared to the ipod. I like the control scheme better on the Zune, and I also like the ease of compatibility with my Vista PC. The screen is significantly better on the Zune and having the viewable album art is convenient. I do recommend the Zune compared to the video Ipod.

That being said, I really like Itunes Music Store better than Urge. Sometimes there can be difficulties with transferring video and music from Itunes to the Zune player. Also, there is obviously more storage (80GB vs. 30GB) on the video Ipod. I'm really hoping for a bigger version on the Zune.

Anybody know the specs on this H3 edition Zune? Are they the same as the original Zune?

Lyberator4478d ago

Itunes is pry somthing ill never give up. Whens this supposed to come out?

socalr64478d ago

I really have to stop being so lazy and put my PSP and 8 games i never pay up on ebay so I can get me one of these.

BitbyDeath4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Wow i thought the Zune was something that never took off... like the 80's

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