SOE to Make Sigil-Related Announcement Today

Things aren't looking too good for the folks at Sigil Games, who recently released the EverQuest-like MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes to decidedly mixed fanfare, and the game's future has seemed hazy ever since. The drama doesn't appear to be letting up, either, as Sony Online Entertainment confirmed to an announcement regarding the studio and Vanguard's future is coming later today.

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ITR4227d ago


Vanguard isn't even a great game.

EQ, WoW, GuildWars are...

I guess they couldn't get WoW.

sumfood4u4227d ago

VANGUARD has nice character customizing but that won't kill your enemies, unless its a fashion show! Vanguard spell system is even weaker than old school EQ on ps2, before frontiers existed!