New Beaterator VMA Montage Video

DualShockers Writes:

"Rockstar Games has just released a new video for their upcoming Beaterator on the PSP. The montage was filmed at the VMA's and includes many famous faces in the music biz.The game aims to be a portable music studio in your pocket. If this video's any indication of where it's headed I think that Rockstar might actually have something here. One thing I learned from this clip is the ability to use the PSP's (3000 or Go) built in Mic to throw in your own vocals..."

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iiprotocolii5407d ago

If that isn't innovative, I don't know what is. You're going to have fake-a$$ Dr. Dre's in the train trying their hardest to make a good beat. It looks good, though. Not going to lie.

iiprotocolii5407d ago

I'm curious to know how 'clean' things sound... and also if it can be exported to a PC/Mac for touch ups, etc. This will definitely be a good on-the-go tool for producers.

get2sammyb5406d ago

You can export the WAVs I believe yes. It's imperative you can really because I'll want to bring stuff into Cubase and Reason.

iiprotocolii5406d ago

Is awesome. Are the files only WAV though? Or does it support other formats like ACC, mp3?

get2sammyb5406d ago

I'm not sure. WAV would be best if you want to mix them into other tracks because the format is lossless. With 16GB of flash memory on the PSP Go it shouldn't be a problem file size wise either.

INehalemEXI5406d ago

looks something like a fruity loops for psp nice, I'm going to play with this.

electricshadow5406d ago

Not going to lie, that actually looks pretty cool. I can see some pretty sweet beats coming from that game already.


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Speed-Racer4968d ago

Some useful links here to send me off for 2010

stylez844967d ago

Rockstar fans rejoice! Now your family has no excuse for why they didn't get you that Rockstar game for a gift!