Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 for Nintendo DS revealed plus new images, scans

Today Nintendo revealed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 for Nintendo DS and revealed a lot of images. See more in the source...

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sumfood4u4479d ago

Will be lasting long like annoying 1~hit wonders songs on the radio!

gta_cb4479d ago

well i dont know whats available in america but in the UK we have whats called Sky (like cable) and pokemon is shown every day for an hour (i know as my lil bros watch it) and its prob shown more then once a day, and with kids growing up i think it will be around for a long LONG time!

p.s. somewhere i still have pokemon cards i collected when i was 11

ITR4479d ago

On Cartoon Network they are always showing Battle Frontier, Diamond/Pearl, and movies.

On Boomerang they show all the old orig Pokemon shows.

Robotz Rule4479d ago

Pokemon games are starting to get extremely boring!

Sorry to say:(