Valve reveals three new Half Life 2: Episode 2 images

Valve Software continues to reveal images of Half-Life 2: Orange Box and more particularly of its title Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
Three new images were revealed today.

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sumfood4u4270d ago

Since two 1/2 lifes = 1 whole! lmao I know korney joke, but this series is really indept with graphics, an gameplay!

tony4270d ago

can't wait. this is going to kick butt.

sajj3164270d ago

is it all that its hyped to be? The Orange package is a great deal for $60.

fury4270d ago's a great series and the game makes a lot of fun, especially CS:S, but I've only played the basic Half Life 2 though. Don't like the whole "Episode thing"...

The_Firestarter4270d ago

HL2 is a great game. Just think about it! For ONLY $60 you get:

Half-Life 2
HL2: Episode 1
HL2: Episode 2
Team Fortress 2

It's a steal!

InMyOpinion4270d ago

These pics look last gen. I already played it on Xbox and demand more than this.

Rooted_Dust4270d ago

sorry but It doesn't get any better than Half Life 2 as far as single player FPS's go.

Capt CHAOS4270d ago

That's enough to put it into the hall of fame.

Counterstrike Source & TFC will be wicked and I hear they will ship with Half-Life 2.

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