Free Radical: Halo 3 is child's play

Critically acclaimed developer Free Radical, creator of TimeSplitters and now the murky future-shooter Haze, believes that next-gen games should push us into new, mature territory, and that devs should be looking "beyond the technology" and instead focus on changing what it means and feels like to play videogames.

Using Bungie's blastacular Halo 3 as an example, Haze scriptwriter Rob Yescombe believes that "while Halo is brilliant, you're a teenager - the next-gen is about becoming more mature," explaining that "in Haze you become an adult".

Speaking to Edge magazine, Yescombe stresses that it should become the responsibility of developers to move towards more mature subject matter, using world events as inspiration. "It's about what's happening in the world today - it's ludicrous, and how can you make something that doesn't reflect that? Well, you could bury your head in the sand and make Halo 3, but the fact of the matter is there are more important things at stake."

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FordGTGuy4483d ago

Then your aloud to talk crap about them.

bootsielon4482d ago

...Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Händel's supporters shpuld shut up now that their discs are outsold every year by Eminem, Brittney Spears, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, and every single other angst filled pop star.

WilliamRLBaker4482d ago

if beh, zart...ect were artist today they would sound just like Eminem...ect

you gotta remmber that beh, zart...ect all time have probly sold more discs then all the other guys combined. becuase they've been around forever, there music is used in every thing, movies, commercials...ect for years and years. they've made more money and sold more discs then eminem and the rest combined.

Free radical is a this century company and so is bungie, yet they are saying halo is childs play, when the time splitters series was rarely if ever serious it was all ways comical...ect and not only that the games we're just plan sucky.

I agree with the first commentor when free radical actually sells alot of games, and gets all the awards halo series has then they can talk, till then they are just a mediocre dev that releases mediocre games.

PS3 Owns All4482d ago

It is kinda true, most of the people that play Halo are kids and teens. It is child's play.

FirstknighT4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

...that was one of the stupidest replies I read in a long time. Some of those composers didn't even have success when they were alive.

Considering Timesplitters did HORRIBLE in sales, I can see why they're stabbing at Halo 3. They're just trying to hype up their own game Haze by attacking the best FPS ever.

*EDIT* Tony...
Rainbow 6 is a great game and is very strategic. But Halo is one of the most strategic games around. There is a reason why MLG (one of the most popular gaming leagues around) hype up Halo in its tournaments because the strategic battles are intense.

The difference between arcade and strategic are simple. Arcade= Newbie/ Straegic= Pro. For example, Resistance is all arcade and zero strategy. The first few times I played Resistance online and I already was racking up the easy kills. Halo on the other hand and the newbie will always get pwned.

tony4482d ago

I believe Halo is overrated. rainbow six is more about strategic gameplay. Halo is arcade. is fun but it gets old.

MySwordIsHeavenly4482d ago

They beat Halo in ratings, did they not???

Hype doesn't make a game. Only a gamer would know that though...not you xbox "gamers" that just entered the market a couple of years ago. FirstKnight...I don't expect you to understand never have. Eminem is an ohkay rap artist, but just because he sells better than the rest doesn't make him the best. Look who's on the top of the charts RIGHT NOW! Maroon 5...yeah... <that say anything to ya?

What matters is how good a game is...and Timesplitters is obviously better than Halo. Go play TS and say Halo's still better...

Halo = best FPS ever??? You haven't PLAYED any other FPS's if you think this is true. Half-life DESTROYS Halo in every aspect...

I think Haze will be amazing because it's a step forward in the genre. Halo 3 promises gameplay...but I haven't seen it in Halo 1 or, i don't believe it.

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DixieNormS4483d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

True to your words. I was talking about the first poster.

DrWan4483d ago

Well, i think the videogame space has enough room for both more traiditional approach as well as innovative ideas. No need to bash each other's hard work..i thought developers would know that better.

Boink4483d ago

Maybe this comment from blizzard/WoW devs would be more credible, but the timesplitters devs? LOL.