Spider-man 3 REVIEW

Peter Parker's alter-ago adds another kick-ass game to his repertoire. Spider-Man 3, will amaze Spider-Man and action games fans alike. The sequel fixes the major complaints of the first game (generally the repetitive nature of side missions) and polishes everything up. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are essentially the same, although the PS3 does have some differences.

Spider-Man 3 follows the movies plot. It begins right after the prequel ended with Peter finally getting his life in order. Of course, this cheery mood doesn't last very long. In Spider-Man 3, the game, you'll be able to relive the movie and classic action sequences against Sandman, Green Goblin and Venom but Treyarch also added a lot of additional plot lines not based directly on the movie. Some of these involve additional villains (Scorpion, Rhino, The Lizard etc etc) while others task you with doing something like protecting New York City.

Of course, the main reason to pick up Spider-Man 3 was the swinging mechanics. As great as they were in the prequel, they're even better in Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man is faster and more acrobatic in this game. For instance, you can swing around poles with ease. After a few moments, you'll be swinging around, going around corners, around light posts, and running up walls with ease. Combat has also been improved in the game so there is more to do and a larger variety in the move set. It is also faster-paced and more fulfilling thanks to a quicker Spider-Man and a greater variety of moves. Dodging and counter-attacking is emphasized in the game since Spider-Man's spider sense goes off before he's going to be attacked, which gives you opportunity to dodge or counterattack. The game also includes a new spider sense system (which works similar to the goggle filters in the Splinter Cell games) to detect hidden items and enemies. A simple click of R3 turns the screen black and white while objects/things of importance are highlighted in various other colours in order for you to home in on them. Some people take this as a kind of dumbening down but in actuality its very similar to how Spideys spider-sense works in the first place.


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PhinneousD4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

a 9??? :-/ lmao. so it's on par with games like the god of wars, the halos, and the gears? fanboys shouldn't be writing video game reviews.

Satanas4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

LOL! I agree!

This game was so bashed too...oh well. To each their own? I guess.

It's funny how he says "SP3". "SPiderman 3"? I think he meant SM3.

Caxtus7504480d ago

lol i know! its good but not great....7 id say

lil bush4480d ago

wow, that was unexpected...

videogamenews4480d ago

hey guys, I didn't write it :p

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