Rumour: Team ICO is developing not one but TWO games

News on what Team ICO have planned for the PS3 has been hard to find, and their silence has been sorely felt in the Sony camp after their previous projects ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were so well received.

Yet a member on the PS3 forums (yes forums) has posted that he encountered a member of Sony Playstation Germany at the Motorstorm event being held in Germany. To add at least some justification and truth to his post, it can be confirmed that there was indeed a Motorstorm event in Germany today and those involved with Sony are often invited to join in the fun (some images have been attached).

The member states that at the event:

"I talked to a product manager of Sony Playstation Germany and he told me that Team ICO is actually developing two games at once with one being close to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in terms of atmosphere and setting."

It is known that Team ICO have been working on a game for the Playstation 3 and that they indeed wanted to stay close to the epic and artistic nature of their previous games. Yet it is nice to hear confirmation of this game, in addition to another mystery project.

News for Team ICO's new IP's may be revealed at Sony Gamer's Day, or perhaps not until E3. Be sure to watch out for future announcements.

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DrWan5194d ago

oh yes, team ICO!!! i love their games. Best games ever

Coffin875194d ago

i'm sooo looking forward to their first next-gen-ps3 project.. this will rock soo damn hard...

i hope they announce something at e3.. and i hope e3 will be as big as it was before.. with 80% new ips and stunning new trailers. and hopefully the next team ico project. :)

Pheneus5194d ago

my head asplode.
Their games are the brilliant.
Seriously though, an ico series game with next-gen graphics...
I might just die of beautiful poisoning.

Robotz Rule5194d ago

It would be a dream come true:D

CrazzyMan5194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

looking forward E3 2k7. =)

ErcsYou5194d ago

something close between ico and shadow of the Colossus sounds great. i would also like one or two of those car washes.

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The story is too old to be commented.