First Impressions: Portal

Portal begins by demonstrating through hands-on experimentation how portals work, and which surfaces you can use. When you first gain the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or the "portal gun", you can only place one portal, with the other fixed. It doesn't take long to grasp. "When we introduce a new mechanic, we'll playtest that and see if the player got it right away, if he was really confused, or just didn't get it at all, we have to go back to the drawing board," says Swift. "We just kept iterating on that until we found a good way to train players. Now we're able to teach them really complex mechanics and tricks." The benefits of this approach are apparent throughout. By the time the second portal is introduced, you're well into your stride, and happy to start firing them off. Left-click for blue, right-click for orange. Another example is the "funnelling" toggle in the options menu. Enabled, the game gives you a bit of help jumping or bouncing things through portals, without stopping you dead because you snagged the boundary by a pixel or two. Good work, playtesters.

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NitrogenB4482d ago

...but this game looks maaaaad booring.

gta_cb4482d ago

yeh doesnt seem to be an amazing game but ... it could end up being a seller, ya never know.

tony4482d ago

is cool. this game is not for everyone, i like it though, makes me think.

Robotz Rule4482d ago

It doesn't quite catch my attention either.

zonetrooper54482d ago

Can't wait to get this game with TF2 and HL2:EP2 for the PC. This game looks awesome, maybe not to you guys but it is for me.

gta_cb4482d ago

you will have to let us know how it is when you get it =)

DreamTension4482d ago

For some reason the concept behind this game really interests me. I think it will give us new spin on the genre. I like a game that makes you think.

I'm now a contributer!

gta_cb4482d ago

congrad DreamTension =) look forward to seeing some more news from you.

sumfood4u4482d ago

J/K LOL it reminds me of I Spy black vs white. interesting concept of game but lacks luster!

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