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J. Cosmo Cohen: Right before I purchased my PlayStation 3, my friend began telling about [email protected] When I finally purchased it and got home, one of the first things I did was click on the [email protected] icon. That's when I entered the world of protein folding.

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RedDragan3909d ago

I am not a hardcore Folder, but I have completed about 40 work units and have personally spoken to Vijay Pande through emails, hoping to get Sony to advertise this more. Some people think you have to leave it on all night, but there is an option to Shut Down the PS3 after the current work load has been complete.

This is what I have started doing, number crunch a work load, and then the PS3 automatically turns off when it send the result back to the University.

I am extremely impressed by the statistics on the Folding website, PS3 is many times more efficient than PCs for this according to the tables, but even more impressive are the Graphics Cards... they are giving unbelievable performance!!