8 Cores Supported in Unreal Engine 3

Are you from the future? Got an 8-core CPU? The Unreal Engine 3 has you covered, says Tim Sweeney:
AMD's new quad-core technology should provide a great performance boost for today's high-end PC games," said Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games Inc. "Our Unreal Engine 3 game technology can take advantage of four and even eight processor cores, improving performance by accelerating physics and AI calculations, and increasing the realism of the game environments our artists can build. Upcoming games like Unreal Tournament 3 will truly fly on these new CPUs.

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bung tickler4172d ago

once all this dust settles over optimal number of cores and 64 bit is the norm i'm gonna have to upgrade my computers again (haven't done any major upgrades since about 2001)... i have 4 desktops and 3 laptops... so expensive... sigh.

WilliamRLBaker4172d ago

I play some pc games but most aren't demanding in the least, I find consoles much more cost efficient..

DirtyRat4172d ago

you obviously haven't played any recent PC titles because they are very demanding indeed. Consoles are obviously more cost efficient, but it depends what you are looking for, I'm a PC gamer at heart, but I do enjoy a game on my 42" HD i just bought a 360 today!

sak5004172d ago

About pc gaming i am also pc gamer by heart and tried out C&C TW demo on both pc and 360, the pc version really blows the 360 version once you maximize all the settings. But then again not everyone will be having a pc with overcloced dual core cpu, 2gb ram and sli vga in their systems. My nephew really got hooked on the 360 version since his home pc which is 3+ years old, with 256MB system ram and onboard vga, and cannot even come in the min requirements for this game.

The 360 will easily beat any avg pc which was bought 1 1/2 years back but cannot compete with the upcoming games like UT III, Crysis etc.

neogeo4172d ago

This game will pack a punch on the PC's that will blow away 360/PS3
this will be the first game that we will really see a difference in graphics....Unless they take lots of time hand programing for the PS3, then maybe.

bung tickler4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

no matter what you will not be able to do stuff on the ps3 that you will be able to do on the PC. the cell is super stipped down for the ps3 thats why it is so cheap. the PC has fancy wiz-bang crap like out of order processing and what-not that the ps3 just can not do no matter how much coding time is spent on the cell.

p.s. the ps3 is not leaps and bounds above the 360 like many would like to belive... if one can do something the other surely can too. ps3 = 360 when it comes to games.

techie4172d ago

multiple cores helps both 360 and ps3

gta_cb4172d ago

yeh this is the thing, when they make a game for a console such as the Xbox 360/PS3 they know what hardware they have so they can push them to the max. but with soo many different PCs available with so many different GPUs + CPUs they cant push them to the max, so i dont really see Unreal being as good on a PC then the consoles.
oh and i know that they prob wouldnt be as good on the pc anyway with the Xbox 360 having the custom made GPU and the PS3 having the Cell.

Its just they said

"Upcoming games like Unreal Tournament 3 will truly fly on these new CPUs."

but there isnt going to be enough people buying this new processor to make a big enough profit. I know im not going to buy one as there going to be too expensive. well not yet anyway, i will in the future.

techie4172d ago

But also the 360 and PS3 are multiple core...meaning the Unreal Engine can now support them better than it did before. Actually while making Gears they were developing alongside their multiple core engine while making Unreal for the PS3 and PC (and of course the 360).

gta_cb4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

ok i didnt know that, but listen to what i am trying to say as from your comment i really dont think your understanding me.

i get that multi core will make games better and will work better with the engine BUT for people like ME and maybe you? who DOESNT have multi core CPUs! ya know most of the world, this game will strugle or wont be playable on our computers IF they program the game to push the limits of the 8 cores etc so with this in mind soon as though i have brought most or all the unreal games on PC with Unreal Tournament 2004 being my favourite, IF i buy this game and it pushes the limits of the high end GPUs available then how is it going to cope on my computer?...


just incase you do, dont take this comment as being ignorant, it is a concern as many people will be forced to upgrade there computers which does cost more in the long term then buying a next gen console.

WilliamRLBaker4172d ago

last time i checked ps3 had one core, and 8 spes, one thats resigned for guard duty if any of the others die, one thats not used for games, so 6 spes...

Core's and spe's are different.

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kewlkat0074172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

Can't wait for the Next-Gen Consoles, like 5 years from now with 12 cores.HA

With more third-party developers starting to license the unreal engine, were gonna be seeing some great looking games, ala GOW. I wonder what Square have in mind with that engine? After seeing GOW.

gta_cb4172d ago

also theres new engines coming aswell isnt there, whats that recent one with the news about it?.... somehting like Frost .... i cant remember but if anyone can then let me know please.

sak5004172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

@ gta_cb

Yes its called Frostbite. Its being used in game called Battlefield Bad Company by EA. The battlefield series were earlier only on pc till they made BF:Modern Combat for consoles only, which wasnt much a hit. But on PC the BF series have been amazing although initially they were mostly buggy but with multiple patches the games were fixed. Btw the pc series is mainly played online with upto 64 players online whereas Modern combat supported upto 24 player on xbox live. If you have a good computer setup and fast internet connection i suggest trying BF2 or BF2142.

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