Tetsuya Nomura interviewed on Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Eurogamer posts its interview with the Square Enix director of FFXIII project. Topic is focused on "Versus" action adventure game.

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Sevir044178d ago

the battles seem to be going beyond even what kingdom hearts offers.. that going to be awesome. I cant wait till they start showing more concrete stuff on this game because it's freaking killing me.. 2 know that square is dropping 3 playstation 3 games next year.. and they all look freaking amazing... Last remnant, FFXIII and Versus XIII... i cant wait any more... i'm gonna go mad if i dont play them... i dont want to hear about thenm any more just give it to me damn it... :sigh: we're being tortured i swear..

soul4178d ago

Interesting read -- too bad no new info is given.