Watch first Xbox 360 Elite commercial

Following its release in the States, the Xbox 360 Elite has a new ad campaign to promote the console and you can watch it at the link.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is essentially an upgraded Xbox 360 console, featuring a new shiny black finish, a 120Gb hard drive and a high-definition HDMI output.

The unit is on sale in the US for $479, which equates to $300 more than the standalone 120Gb hard disc drive users could buy though without the HDMI port.

Industry insiders believe the console will be released in the UK late summer, but Microsoft has yet to reveal its plans.

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Black Republican4479d ago

commercial could have been alot better - i found the commercial boring
one funny part was "pure hdmi"

ChickeyCantor4479d ago

if you count how many commercials are banned, its better to keep it this way XD

anyhow, i don't care about the HD.......but if it comes in a halo 3 pack ill be happy for sure!
( if there is going to be a halo3 pack i hope they make it like the Xbox 1 transparent)

WilliamRLBaker4479d ago

The 1.2 hdmi interface is capable of what all other 1.2 hdmi in a sense it is pure hdmi...

I didn't find it boring, I found it good it told me what the system is, and what it does, I dont look to comercials for entertainment value, I look to them to tell me what a thing is, what its for and how much it is...

gta_cb4479d ago

all could be better. i have seen strange commercials, at least this one is informative

ShiftyLookingCow4479d ago

this commercial is fake, the 360 logo that always comes in the end isn't there

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Ru4479d ago

They coulda had a better commercial if they woulda added some more features

alsef074479d ago

never seen it, pretty boring if you ask me

gta_cb4479d ago

is pretty boring, BUT it is also informative

kewlkat0074479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

What about a commercial like this


That's a real commercial. Show me the goods.Blow me away.

Today's console commercials have strayed away from the mainstream. now it's all high-life, simplicity, can you guess what this is? BS.

Back in the Day, they showed you why a gamer got excited. at least for me it has not changed.

gta_cb4479d ago

wow! i wanna buy one! =P
but seriously that is a better commercial then MS and Sony have come up with to advertise a console... you think Sega will ever go back into consoles?.....

kewlkat0074479d ago

video game commercials. Now you hardly see celebrities involved when they used to like Micheal Jordan/Jackson, and some others. The commercials were about the games and they showed you what the console has to play, well, they were actually playing it, on the commercial. These days...I have no emotions as they don't show me why I must buy their console, unless you do major homework on here and stuff.

After that commercial, why wouldn't you wanna buy a SEGA console, as well as some SNES ones too.

I've had every SEGA, of course I used to have fueds with my friend about which one had better graphics SNES or SEGA.(we all knew SNES), It wasn't till games like VECTOR(sega) and DONKY KONG COUNTRY(snes) really showcased both consoles power.

I doubt SEGA will re-enter the Hardware business, they always had bad timing. I loved my SEGA dreamcast, a lot of great titles on there for those that were stuck on PS. Bad timing on SEGA's part and SONY had all the EXCLUSIVE big game DEALS so it was tough for them.

Good thing, we now has Microsoft.

Rockstar4479d ago

This my friend is an internet jewel if ever I've seen one.
Site bookmarked!
Good find.

Well, off to watch some old commercials.

sumfood4u4479d ago

the beat was as boring if not more than it's debut commercial! unimpressed to the 4th power!

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