LocoRoco Designer Offers Sequel Clues

LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kouno is promising "new gameplay based on physical calculation and crowd AI as well as a few surprises" for his planned sequel.

Image Speaking at Nordic Game Conference this morning he walked his audience through the concept, design and production of his original hit game. He said he would be "scolded" for giving away too many details of this forthcoming work, but offered a few clues as to his general direction.

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Bhai4264d ago going to have many a faces...the online aspect is going to
shine in its own light, and watching the original Loco Roco and the
LBP demontration pinches me convincingly that a physics based engine
made from the linkage of this BAFTA award winning PSP title will
make yet another solid and appealing face inline the next-gen delight,
that is Little Big Planet !!!