New DiRT Shots

12 new screenshots of Colin McRae: DiRT.

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level 3604485d ago

Love the in-car shots from the truck, wonder how the physics of these beheamoths would be like? Everyday just gets better and better for this game, hope they release it soon.

gta_cb4485d ago

first! it would be exellent showing a vid with the inside view.

second! is there going to be a demo?

Close_Second4485d ago

...handles and plays as good as it looks then I am so adding this to my purchases in the coming months. Giving Forza 2 a miss as apart from the handling I have not seen anything that impresses me about the game.

gta_cb4485d ago

are you serious?!

.... have you even got an Xbox 360? .... and if you have, have you even played the demo?

Close_Second4485d ago

Yes, I do have a 360 and yes I have downloaded and played the demo for Forza 2. What did I think of it:

+ Handling
+ 60fps
+ Improved racing/braking line

- The cars look like plastic models
- no real time weather or lighting effects
- the hood of the car features jaggies when viewing from in-car
- the reflections in the cars feature pop-up
- cars don't show in reflections
- spectators perform the same generic moves regardless of whats going on in front of them
- you can see the line where they switch in high-res textures
- collision physics are not realistic
- collisions result in the same generic looking damage and sand blasted effect on paintwork
- Particle effects are still run of the mill (smoke still dissipates like it was steam - especially given there is no wind!)

The final product may blow me away but the demo did not.

socalr64485d ago

I like the in-car shots.

That the only thing missing in Forza 2.