How much do you use your Wii?

Months after launch, how much use does your Wii actually get?

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Shadow Flare4174d ago

The ps3 gets plenty of flak about lack of games whereas wii seems to get none. It shows its not just a problem with sony, but a problem all consoles have when they first launch, just like the xbox 360

Keyser4174d ago

Thank you. This is my sermon...

techie4174d ago

everytime I go to the bathroom

masterg4174d ago

Hehe... So yours gets more play time than the average Wii.

fury4174d ago

How much cum do you got? Are you a black guy or sumthin'?

Mr Murda4174d ago

In fact, the last time I turned it on was after the last update (about a month ago). :(

They need some new games with, and most importantly, ONLINE PLAY!!!!

PS360WII4174d ago

I'm still playing beating Paper Mario. I still bust out Trama Center, Sonic, SSX, and Tiger Woods every other day or so. Also I still have a every weekend Bowling Tornament. It's hard to balance all these games/systems/and play time, but I have no life so it's cool ^.-

ItsDubC4174d ago

I don't really consider myself a hardcore gamer but I still play Zelda or Wii Sports every other day for about 30 mins. A few hours on the weekends. About 3 times a week, my girl and I will play Rayman or Monkey Ball for about an hour and a half or fiddle w/ the Everybody Votes and News channels. We host an occasional Monkey Ball tournament once every month or so.

Mr Murda, I totally agree w/ the online play sentiment. I'm kinda pissed that we (Americans) don't get to play Mario Strikers until over a month after EU gets it. I'm not really interested in our first online game, which is Pokemon.

I'll probably be playing more once Mario Party comes out as multiplayer games get WAY more playtime on the Wii at my place.

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The story is too old to be commented.