Nordic Game: PS3 is "too big", says Parappa the Rapper creator

NanaOn-Sha boss Masaya Matsuura has said he believes the reason the Wii is outdoing PS3 in the sales stakes is because Sony's next-gen console is "too big" for Japanese consumer tastes.

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Lebauski4269d ago

I know that appartements in Japan are very small (and expensive) and that you have to proof you got a parking space before buying a car.... but PS3 too big??? I just can't believe it!

(and I also don't think it's the AC-adapter why the xbox360 doesn't sell in Japan!)

candystop4269d ago

I think he's trying to say to big in price because it's really not that big and can be set away pretty easy!

LSDARBY4269d ago

he develops parappa the rapper, nuff sed

Grown Folks Talk4269d ago

kick now punch... punch, punch, kick.

candystop4269d ago

Yeah and this game really helped the image of Sony at one time like Little Big Planet did at GDC! How can you discredit a developer that pretty much helped make PS brand a household name? Maybe he is right or maybe he's wrong but who really know's how the Japanese think when it comes to buying consoles!

socomnick4269d ago

Why does everyone always mention little big planet as the next big thing. Am I the only one that sees it for what it is a side scroller with goofy characters this game looks weak I don't care if you can make your own levels it still looks retarded I cant imagine anyone over 15 playing that..

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The story is too old to be commented.