IBM Talks PS3 Processor, Backwards Compatibility

In a new interview with Reed's Electronic News, Tom Reeves, VP of semiconductor and technology services at IBM, has spoken candidly about the future of microchip manufacturing, focusing on the IBM-co-designed Cell processor, which is used by Sony's PlayStation 3.

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achira6170d ago

good and interesting article.

shotty6170d ago

10 to 20% yield on cell doesn't sound good for sony. Also doesn't it worry people when he talks about it like if it's within warranty you return it if not tough luck. It seems to me that the SPE have a tendency to stop working after a certain period which is why they are trying for 8 SPE so it 1 breaks then it's alright but more than 1 then your screwed, too bad if you started with 7. For the people intent on getting a ps3 get a 3 or higher year warranty from a reliable store like best buy because something tells me this isn't the last we hear of dying SPEs.

ASTAROTH6168d ago

The article is about Sony internal development teams you MORON. Sony's internal are amongst the best developers in the industry surpassed only by nintendos internal development teams. Wait till these guy exploit what can be done with the PS3.

PS360PCROCKS6168d ago

That was uncalled for...all he was saying is that if one fails the PS3 will fail as well so get a warranty last I checked that was clearly stated in the article, about that though I never though about that, the PS3 has so many things that can break, it's like having 8 processors in one box, I hope they dont screw these launch ones up for people

Cyclonus6168d ago

from a SonyZombie like Asstaroth. they only know how to respond with hate and vitriol