PS3 Singtar will launch with 350 songs, with more than 100 expected to be added monthly

PS3 Singtar will launch with 350 songs, with more than 100 expected to be added every month.

Speaking in her keynote at this morning's Nordic Game conference, Paulina Bozek focused on "mass customisation" and how current trends have influenced the development of the PS3 instalment in the SingStar series.

The game is "nearly finished," said Bozek, and will ship this summer, but the American fell short of discussing costings for downloading tracks.

"We're going to be announcing our pricing quite soon , but I can't announce it today," she said.

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Bathyj4269d ago

I'm not really into this "game" myself but I hear its huge in Europe and I know a lot of chicks that love it. This could be really big for PS3 considering Europe could be the deciding factor this Gen. I guess we'll see. They should tie this game in with Guitar Hero somehow so you can just play any song with the guitar. Then I'd get it for sure.

tmax4269d ago

Asians love karaoke, might even see the PS3 being used in Karaoke bars

bootsielon4269d ago

Before you flame me, I know it's not apples to apples. But both follow the trend of musical games, dance dance rev and all that. I think Guitar Hero is more of a dance dance revolution clone than an actual simulation of a guitar (which is what it should be). On the other hand, with Singstar you're not limited to 5 buttons or whatever, it's your voice that is the input for the game; a precise input as it should be with every music game.

Anyway, I hope among those 350 songs there are many I want to download, and not necessarily music from this decade (or even the last one).

PT Fone Home4269d ago

I wish one of these games would come out for the 360, I've had such a laugh at house party's playing these games on my mates ps2

_insane_cobra4269d ago

Too bad only 30 will be on the disc.

Violater4269d ago

but with royalties to pay to record companies and artists there is no way they could sell u the disk with all the songs, how much do u think u would pay for a cd with 350 tracks?

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The story is too old to be commented.