Thunderbolt Review: Line Rider: Freestyle

Sledge enthusiast Bosh rides lines. Those bendable, stretchable, thick or thin, black or blue things are his love in life, and sledging his forté. Contrary to popular belief, little Bosh also rides down hills laden with snow, only in compressed FMVs, as a break from all his line-riding fun. He depends on you, the reluctant 'God' of lines, to draw the ground beneath him. He'll go through hell and back until you get it right, crashing multiple times hoping you'll have mastered the intricacies and physics behind a successful line ride. Unfortunately these intricacies are almost impossible to master, read: bastard hard. The visuals and lack of content for the price certainly don't help matters. A carpenter never blames its tools, apparently. Evidently this carpenter's never played Line Rider: Freestyle.

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