Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron new screenshots

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron will be the only title we seen from the multiplayer blaster series this year and it's a PSP exclusive. First screenshots have been released by CVG.

Renegade Squadron's being developed by UK chaps Rebellion and features online multiplayer that supports up to 16 players along with new battles and missions, all of which is wrapped up in a new Star Wars yarn.

Although the new Battlefront game is exclusive to PSP, it's by no means the end of the series on PC and console. CVG reported last September that TimeSplitters dev Free Radical is working on the franchise with LucasArts - but they won't see the fruits of that till 2008 at the earliest.

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Close_Second4173d ago

...releasing games on the PSP that show its weaknesses rather than exploiting its strengths. These screenshots look like the usual murky, low res textures you get in most PSP games. I especially love the generic oval shadows underneath each character. Really completes the feel as though I'm playing a game from 10 years ago.

I got rid of my PSP cause I was sick and tired of the low number of exclusives that were made to exploit the PSP. All you seem to get are games that are crippled versions of its bigger brother (PS2).

gta_cb4173d ago

these screens look horrible, and i own a PSP =) hmmm... just have to see what it looks like when it comes out... when does it come out?