Diehard GameFAN: 30 Days of Dreamcast - Day 21: Dance Dance Revolution Club Version Dreamcast

If the names m-flo, DJ Nagureo, DJ Mazinger, Quadra and Slake mean anything to you, you can't pass up on this piece of Bemani history. The home version unfortunately has no IIDX representation outside of a short attraction mode promotion, but the DDR gameplay is a welcome addition to the Dreamcast library. While it might not seem like it now, DDR was easily one of gaming's biggest innovations for U.S. gamers at the turn of the century and the Japanese Dreamcast was host to a number of phenomenal rhythm titles as the genre hit its boom during the life of the system. Club Version is one of the more obscure entries in the series, which has largely remained untapped, so it's no bother to add another DDR to your stack. While it doesn't excel graphically and might seem archaic compared to current titles, the title has phenomenal appeal, good music quality and potentially endless replayability. There is virtually no language barrier and the Dreamcast version is hands-down a better buy than the Playstation appends.

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