Diehard GameFAN: Guitar Hero 5 Review (360)

If the rehashing of Smash Hits left a bad taste in your mouth, Guitar Hero 5 is like a fresh blast of mint that breathes a little bit of life and some much needed originality into the series. It's not without a few issues and the mix of new features might seem like the series is still trying to catch up to Rock Band, but the positives far outweigh the negatives in this new rock entry. A great presentation is wrapped around the familiar, yet fun gameplay and the ability to feature multiples of the same instrument and the ease of use of the title combine to be the greatest innovations the series has provided in quite some time. The game is suitably balanced to allow anyone to jump in while giving expert players some new content to go to town on and the mix of rock genres should have everyone finding something to enjoy. It's not a perfect game, but Neversoft is seemingly finally getting into the knack of the series and Guitar Hero 5 is a great step in taking the series to where it should be.

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