Mercenaries 2 on Xbox 360?

The sequel to the original Mercenaries has, thus far, traveled a rocky road. The original title, published by LucasArts on Xbox and PS2, hit early in 2005 and received rave reviews, apparently garnering attention for being the number one new IP to hit stores shelves that year.

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shotty6168d ago

Isn't this game like the outfit

TheMART6166d ago

That's another exclusive of PS64's list. Heck it will even look better on the 360 I bet seen Tekken 6 and the other Nintendo 64 like ingame footage

Nodoze6166d ago

Yet another PS3 exclusive down the drain. Why would I want a PS3 again?? As it stands there are only a handful of exclusives whose list is continually shrinking. Oh and to top it all off this game for the PS3 will be 79.99, while on the 360 we will see it at 59.99!!

TheMART6166d ago

It could be easily 89 or 99 Euro/Dollar! Sony said themselve, something up to max 100 dollars.

And already asking 200 euro more for the console. Sony has gone mad. Get a 360 and a Wii instead and have more fun then that BetaBluRay videplayer

joemutt6166d ago

It must be too easy to develop for 360, were getting all of their exclusives

OutLaw6166d ago

It does seem like the more closer the PS3 gets more companies are starting to announce for both systems. All they need to do now is make an official announcement about Assassin's Creed

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