Diehard GameFAN: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review (PS3)

If you're looking for a quality super hero gaming experience, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 isn't it. Compared to Batman: Arkham Asylum Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 or even the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance,, MUA2 is a notably shallow affair, littered with bad A.I., bugs that affect both visuals and gameplay, an incredibly trite storyline and less content, characters, and options that could be found in its predecessor or even the X-Men Legends titles. That doesn't mean the game is a total washout. The voice acting and music are both nicely done, and there is something timeless in the button mashing goodness of an action RPG. MUA2 is certainly playable and it certainly has its moments of fun and fanservice, but it just pales compared to the first game and even more so compared to August's super hero offerings. This is really only for Marvel diehards only. Everyone else should just get the original for a fraction of the cost.

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